Bring Memook to your school!
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Bring Memook to your school!

Memook has a proud history of working with school boards around the Greater Toronto Area on marketing and communications initiatives for their Ministry programs such as SHSM, OYAP, and Co-op programs. We have also participated in ICE sessions for various schools at the Creative Hub. We look forward to furthering our role as a community business partner.

In Winter 2016, the Ontario Ministry of Education’s draft “Community-Connected Experiential Learning A Policy Framework For Ontario School -Kindergarten to Grade 12“, proposed a new experiential learning direction. Students are more engaged and motivated to learn when connected to the world outside of the classroom.

At Memook we are ready to form partnerships with your school to deliver this new learning experience.  Let us assist you in building  a student-run company in your school, that can provide them with real-life business experience.

Come Learn with Memook!

If you’re inspired by what we’re delivering to our community, join us anytime to create & share your creative project at The Hub!